Cyprus crash death soldier’s widow ‘wants truth’

Sally Oxley
Image caption,Sally Oxley has previously said she had been kept in the dark about details surrounding her husband’s death

The widow of a British soldier who died after being hit by a car driven by a US serviceman has spoken of wanting “justice” over his death.

Colour Sgt Anthony Oxley was riding a motorbike when he was struck at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus on 14 June 2016.

The 40-year-old, from Ryhill, near Wakefield, died later in a Cypriot hospital outside the airbase.

His widow Sally Oxley said she had been left in the dark about the details of how he died.

Her comments come after a ruling made at a new inquest into his death.

A British inquest in Wakefield in February 2018 recorded a narrative verdict and found the cause of death was head injuries as a result of a road traffic collision.

Anthony Oxley
Image caption,Colour Sgt Oxley was a drum major but had also fought in four wars including Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan

But Mrs Oxley, who lives in Barnsley, has been pushing for a fresh inquest in Cyprus to look into witness accounts of his death.

According to her lawyers, a judge sitting as a coroner in a district court in Nicosia, indicated last month that Colour Sgt Oxley’s route was impeded or blocked.

Mrs Oxley said she was “very pleased with the initial interpretation” of the inquest verdict.

Anthony Oxley with his daughter
Image caption,Anthony Oxley left behind a daughter and three stepchildren following his death

She added: “The proceedings in Nicosia have at last started to establish the truth, justice and accountability about the death of my husband, and the father of our children, ‘The Ox’, which I have been striving for eight years now.”

She said she would now speak to her lawyers to see what legal steps should be taken next.

KRW Law, which represents Mrs Oxley, said despite the death happening within British sovereign territory, the US Air Force took charge of the investigation and few details had been made public.

The law firm is waiting for a certified translation of the coroner’s verdict given in the court in Nicosia.

Among the evidence reviewed at that hearing were forensic material and witness statements, including maps of the topography of the collision terrain, the lawyers said.

A British Army spokesperson said: “Our thoughts remain with Colour Sergeant Anthony Oxley’s family and we continue to offer them support.”

The BBC has contacted the US Air Force for comment.

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